Moments of Grace



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“Words fail me….Thomas transports the soul to where it yearns to be”

Linda Russell


Music visionary Thomas Barquee combines the art of performance with meaningful messages, like a light in the darkness. Recorded in one take, driven by spirit and passion, this collection of songs for piano and vocal were conceived in a moment of grace.

In collaboration with lyricist Sandi Kimmel, “Moments of Grace” is a collection of heart-opening and healing songs about love, life and wisdom to touch our deepest knowing. With the spontaneity of jazz, the power of prayer and the vibration of sacred music, Thomas’s soothing yet powerful voice and sure, easy touch on the piano create deeply healing musical environments that nourish the soul and lighten the spirit, guiding us toward a deeper, calmer, lighter place within.

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Me gustaría oírlas , Grax


Nuria Chavez

“Beautiful, real, alive. Thank you.”



Dein neuer Musik Stil gefällt mir sehr, Deine warme Stimmfarbe berührt ,und ist in Verbindung mit den ruhigen Pianoklängen sehr stimmig. Ich freue mich mehr von Dir zu hören. Wundervoll, wie Du Deine Musikalität zum Ausdruck bringst.


Carola Stuermer, Germany

I had a listen to your beautiful new track and shall share with the deepest sincerity its so truly divine, inspiring, emotional, healing & uplifting, you truly are a divine beautiful singer, such a wonderful talent and light to all humanity.


Nathan Myers

My friend I have listened…Superb..So sweet.


Gurpyar Khalsa

I love Moments of Grace! Ethereal track and your voice sounds amazing as always! So magical and heartfelt, makes me cry.


Theome Masoner

Moments of Grace



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